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Chase Rue

Chase continues to be a great leader in the TC3 group on and off the pool deck. He always comes to practice with a smile and stays after practice to clean up kickboards and trash that might have been left behind. He has (almost) perfect practice attendance and sets a good example every day. He is a leader in the TC3 group by always doing the right thing during dryland and in the water. He makes sure that everyone in his lane understands what the next set is and continues pushing himself in practice every day. His commitment to the sport and working hard is starting to pay off resulting in continuously going best times and even getting some divisional cuts. Chase is a crucial member of the TC3 group and continues to be a great leader! 

Tiger Cubs 3

Previous Winners

  • James Davis - TS

    Annie Hare - TP

    Jenna Ganley - TC3

    Jacob Lugar - T3

    Xavier Dunn - TC3

    Noah Terrell - TP

  • Joseph Seabaugh - TC3

    Audrey Wolf - TP

    Mary Kate Johanneman - TC3

    Eve Ziino - T3

    Grace Gannon - TP

    Brooklyn Kauffmann - TC3

    Sachi Patel - TC3

    Brandon Tche - T1

    Alba Brown - TC3

    Joshua Krimmel - T3

    Caleb McCoy - T2

    Andrew Nguyen - TC3

    Logan Senior - T3

    Noah Terrell - TC3

    Xavier Dunn - TC2

  • Brody Chop - Tiger Pride

    Kate Jacobs - TC1

    Kosei Hosogai - Tigers 1

    Gavin Gannon - Tigers 1

    Ayla Madara - Tiger Pride

    Jojo Ramey - National Team

    Griffin Ruble - Tiger Pride

    Ella Riley - TC3

    Ruby Hines - TC3

    Brody Chop - T2

    Isaiah Christian - T1

    Bobby Horan - TC1

  • Celia Ayres - T1

    Qwinton Upshaw - Tiger Pride

    Destiny Dieu - Tigers 2

    Riona Jain Tiger - Cub 1

    Kana Miyato Tiger - Cubs 3

    Emma Schwertfeger - Tiger Pride

    Emily Wolf - Tiger Pride

    Addison Carlile - Tiger Pride

    Konstanty Nowacki - Tigers 1

    Mia Wilson - Tiger Pride

    Jaylyn Henegar - Tiger Pride

    Emma Schumacher - Tiger Pride

  • Cora Henegar - Tiger Cubs 1

    Claire Francis - Tiger Pride

    Victor Herbert - Tigers 1

    Addy Fought - Tigers 1

    Addie Adams - Tiger Cubs 1

    Lucas Beaulieu - Tigers 1

    Frankie Ramey - Tiger Pride

    Taichi Kataoka - Tiger Pride

    Lee Balkcom - Tigers 1

    Alex Nguyen - Tiger Cubs 2

    Chris Tran - Tiger Pride

    Sofia Ortiz - Tiger Cubs 2

  • Marcus Fudge - Tiger Cubs 2

    Lydia Reade - Elite Tigers

    Lukas Bradford - Tigers 2

    JoJo Ramey - Tiger Pride

    Destiny Dieu - Tigers 1

    Kate Mouser - Tiger Pride

    Alex Koo - Tiger Stripes

    Mia Parker - Tiger Pride

    Brody Chop - Tigers 1

    Zach McEwen - Tigers 2

    Maddie Beaulieu & Megan Parker - Tigers 2

    Tommy Johanneman - Tigers 1

  • Abby Miller - Tiger Pride

    Taichi Kataoka - Tigers 1

    Ben Russell - Tigers 2

    Evan Makielski - Tiger Cubs 2

    Drew Bakle - Tiger Cubs 2

    Zach McEwen - Tigers 2

    Dan Bennett - Tiger Pride

    Eduardo Sanchez - Tiger Pride

    Vince Dieu - Tigers 1

    Lily Ziino - Tigers 1

    Avery Stein - Tiger Pride

Tiger Champion Award

"At FAST, we aim to create Life Champions through Excellence in Swimming," encapsulating our club's mission. Our commitment lies in fostering a culture of excellence and nurturing young individuals to become champions in life.


The Tiger Champion Award Background

Central to this journey is the development of personal skills, qualities, and characteristics. It's crucial for our athletes to recognize, understand, and embody character traits that signify growth. Equally important is the demonstration of exemplary character by everyone involved in this process. Each individual bears a responsibility to ensure a successful outcome.


The prestigious "Tiger Champion" Award is bestowed upon our athletes aged 14 and under who best exemplify the following attributes:



  • The athlete surpasses the recommended number of training sessions, showcasing punctuality and exceptional effort.

  • Active participation in training sessions is a hallmark of the athlete's dedication.

  • The athlete takes responsibility for their actions, contributing to a positive training environment.



  • The athlete embodies enthusiasm, positivity, optimism, and coachability, fostering a constructive atmosphere.



  • Adhering to TEAM policies, the athlete upholds honesty and respect in interactions with teammates, parents, coaches, officials, and volunteers.


TEAM Spirit:

  • The athlete demonstrates support, loyalty, and PRIDE in being a Tiger, contributing to a strong sense of camaraderie.


Congratulations to our Tiger Champions! We take pride in your efforts toward achieving excellence, both in and out of the pool. Your commitment to these values is a testament to your journey toward becoming true champions in life!

Conley Johnson

Conley has had great attendance and a great effort during practice.  She is a great teammate who really adds a lot to the group everyday.  She has a great attitude and is always pushing herself to be her best.  She is consistently leading her lane and racing the other leaders.  I also see Conley being a great teammate all the time.  She helps her lane stay on task and reminds them of the set along the way.  It has been great to see here hard work pay off in the last meets.  She has achieved 10 new divisional cuts over the last two meets.  Not to mention this is her first season of long course!

Tigers 3

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