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Our comprehensive guide to help our parents navigate the fast paced world of swimming.

FAST Parents

Event Support Information

FAST is renowned for organizing top-notch competitions that draw teams from across the Midwest. Hosting these meets not only provides our athletes with high-quality competition but also reduces training dues for FAST families and minimizes travel expenses. 


Event Support Requirements


  • Families with only Tiger Cubs 1, Tiger Cubs 2, or Tiger Cubs 3 swimmers are asked to contribute event support for 2 sessions. 

  • Families with swimmers in all other training groups are asked to provide event support for 3 sessions.


Regardless of their swimmers' participation, families must fulfill event support requirements. The Event Support Coordinator will email details and sign-up information before each meet. In certain circumstances, requirements may be lowered, and families are encouraged to work the sessions. "Hiring a Sub" before the sign-up window closure incurs a $25 per session fee, increasing to $50 after three hires per year.


Those who do not sign up, hire a sub, or attend their event support shifts face a financial penalty of $75 per session. This ensures proper staffing at meets, helps achieve budget goals, and keeps dues low.


If a family's swimmer participates in a higher-level event conflicting with a FAST-hosted meet, the "Hire a Sub" fee is waived, and if the swimmer competes partially, the event support obligation stands.


Event Support Position Descriptions


Admissions: Sell admissions and heat sheets; may also sell and distribute meet spirit wear.

Head Timer: Supervise timers and operate extra stopwatches as backup.

Timer: Run a stopwatch and plunger, manually recording times.

Relief Timer: Fill in for timers needing a break.

Clerk of Course: Line up 8 & Under swimmers and ensure timely arrivals at starting blocks.

Security: Enforce pool deck restrictions and maintain order.

Announcer: Operate the public address system, announce events, heats, and results.

Concessions: Sell food and drinks at the concession stand.

Hospitality: Maintain the hospitality area for coaches, volunteers, and officials.

Deck Runner: Collect timer sheets and deliver them to the head table.

Copy / Post: Assist with copying and posting heat sheets and meet results.

Awards: Work the awards table, label awards, sort, and distribute them.

Computer Daktronics Timing Equipment Operator: Operate timing console and computer at the head table.

Computer Operator / Meet Manager: Work on the computer to run meet software.

Scratch Table: Monitor scratch sheets during prelims sessions for swimmers wanting to scratch from finals.

Meet Set-up and Clean-up: Set up and/or break down meet equipment and clean the pool deck.

Floater: Work any position as needed.

Event Support Check In: Check in people arriving for their event support shifts.

Officials: Referee for swimming, must have current certification with USA Swimming.

Deck or Warm-up Pool Marshal: Monitor warm-up lanes and/or pools to ensure swimmers abide by rules.

Every fall, FAST will convene the annual parents meeting, providing a comprehensive review of the annual budget, discussing highlights and changes, conducting elections for new FAST Board Members, and addressing various pertinent matters. It's an invaluable opportunity for our community to stay informed and actively participate in the ongoing development and success of our program.

Annual Parents Meeting

Swim Articles of Interest

We express our sincere gratitude to all FAST parents for their unwavering dedication to their children, demonstrated through volunteering, service, and steadfast support of our program. This section serves as a resource hub, offering additional information and insights to aid in the holistic development of outstanding athletes and individuals, both within and beyond the pool. If you come across articles that you believe could benefit fellow parents, kindly share them with us for consideration. Your active involvement is crucial to the collective success and growth of our FAST community.

Item One

Five Sneaky Things That Happen When You Start Journaling Your Practices - Olivier Poirier-Leroy

Item Two

Kids and Sport - Kevin Kline, American Swim Coaches Association

Item  Three

Seven Habits of a Grateful Athlete - Adapted from an article by Brian Smith

Item  Four

Seven Habits of Top Swim Parents - CSC

Item  Five

The Real Culture of American Swimming - Don Heidary,  Board President, American Swim Coaches Association

Item  Six

You're Missing the Point - John Leonard, American Swim Coaches Association

Item  Seven

Ten Reminders If You're a Stressed Out Parent of an Athlete - Dr. Rob Bell

Item  Eight

Five Mental Toughness Lessons from My 50-Mile JFK Ultra - Dr. Rob Bell

The Fishers Area Swimming Tigers had the privilege of meeting and learning from nutritionist Whitney Gingerich, MA, RDN. She dedicated time to each training group, providing valuable insights into how dietary choices impact performance, both in and out of the water. This opportunity not only enhances the athletes' understanding of nutrition but also contributes to their overall well-being and success in the pool. We appreciate Whitney Gingerich's expertise and the positive impact it brings to our swimming community.

Fueling for Performance 

Whitney Gingerich, MA, RDN

Parent Code of Conduct

As a parent of the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers, I pledge to adhere to the following code of conduct:


1. Commit to the FAST Tiger Mission and Tiger Vision, embodying the values of Team, Integrity, Grit, Excellence, Respect, and Sportsmanship.

2. Practice teamwork by supporting cooperation, loyalty, commitment, and hard work among parents, swimmers, and coaches.

3. Refrain from coaching or instructing the team or any swimmer during training sessions or meets, avoiding interference with coaches on the pool deck.

4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship, earning the respect of my child, fellow swimmers, parents, officials, and coaches at meets and training sessions.

5. Enjoy involvement with the FAST team by fostering positive communication and actions in support of swimmers, coaches, and parents.

6. Maintain self-control at all times, understanding the roles of swimmers, coaches, officials, and parents.

7. Communicate with coaching staff either before or after a training or meet session.

8. Hold questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials or coaches until the end of the meet session, directing inquiries to a member of the FAST coaching staff only.

9. Express problems with any coach, swimmer, parent, or official within FAST immediately to your child’s coach. If unsatisfactory, escalate to the head coach and, if necessary, submit a formal complaint to the FAST executive board in writing, with all issues documented, signed, and dated.

10. Refrain from using audio or visual recording devices in changing areas, restrooms, locker rooms, or on the pool deck.

11. Abstain from consuming alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs at any FAST event.

12. Comply with the FAST social media and electronic communication policies outlined in the FAST Policy Handbook.

13. Recognize that FAST does not tolerate sexual harassment or any form of intolerance, including harassment based on race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and/or sexual orientation/identification.

Parent's Code

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