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FAST High School Prep Program

High school swimming plays a crucial role for our FAST senior athletes, offering valuable team-building experiences, skill advancement, and continuous development. Many high school program participants do not engage in year-round swimming, leading them to re-learn strokes, refine techniques, and enhance conditioning at the beginning of each new high school season. The FAST High School Prep Program caters to these high school-only swimmers, providing them with an opportunity to stay in the water throughout the year, aligning with their schedule. This program ensures they enter the next high school season well-prepared to contribute immediately to their team.


Session Schedule

The FAST High School Prep Program comprises four 8-week sessions, offering athletes the chance to swim four mornings a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) from 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM at the Fishers High School Natatorium. FAST recommends attending at least three workouts each week, focusing on stroke development, technique refinement, and aerobic conditioning.


Session 1* – July 10 - September 1

Session 2** – September 5 – October 20 (Girls)/November 3 (Boys)

Session 3 – February 5 - March 28

Session 4 - April 9 - May 31


*Starting with Session 1, Fishers High School athletes must have a 2023-2024 IHSAA Physical on file to begin swimming with this program.


Fee Schedule

Athletes will pay $250 per session to participate in the FAST High School Prep Program, inclusive of 2 Team Caps and 3 Team T-Shirts. Athletes must also be registered with USA Swimming as a Member in good standing, with an annual fee of $90. Proof of receipt must be provided to the business manager at Any 18&Over athlete must complete USA Swimming's Safesport Training for Athletes BEFORE their 18th birthday.


**Session 2 will end on October 20 for girls and November 3 for boys, due to the start of the Girls/Boys HS Season (respectively). Girls in session 2 will pay $225, and boys in session 2 will pay $275 for that session instead of $250.


Optional Meet Component

FAST High School Prep Program athletes can choose to compete in FAST-hosted meets each year, with family event support requirements for those opting to participate. While competitions are not mandatory, athletes choosing to compete will represent FAST.


Getting Started

Athletes can register online for the FAST High School Prep Program. For more information, please contact Coach Keller.

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