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FAST Tiger Pre-Team is a group intended for swimmers age 6-14 who are able to swim at least 50 yards of freestyle, 50 yards of backstroke and are able to kick 50 yards of any stroke.  Many swimmers use Pre-Team as a transition step in between swim lessons and the competitive team while some swimmers choose to remain in the Pre-Team group.

Practices are coached by FAST Tiger coaches! Coaches Cat Sehr, Paula Hardin and our newest Coach Daniel Pache.


  • Pre-Team is divided into two groups.  The 6-9 year olds practice will be 45 minutes and the 10-14 year olds practice will be 1 hour.

  • The 6-9 year olds will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15-7:00pm and Saturdays 9:45-10:30 am.  

  • The 10-14 year olds will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm and Saturdays 10:30-11:30am.


  • The Fall session is offered from Labor Day until Thanksgiving break

  • The Winter (January - March) session is offered from after Winter break through Spring break

  • The Spring – Summer session is offered from after Spring break through July (April - July)

Financial Committment

  • The registration fee for the 6-9 year old swimmers (Group 1) will be $222 for this session.  The registration fee for the 10-14 year old swimmers (Group 2) will be $259 for this session.

  • Our 13-14 pre-team swimmers will need to complete the FULL USA Swimming membership form and pay the $80 registration fee.  These swimmers will be able to participate in an unlimited number of swim meets

  • Our 6-12 year old pre-team swimmers will need to complete either the FULL ($80) or the FLEX ($30) membership for USA Swimming.  Those with the FLEX membership may compete in up to two swim meets.

  • Pre-Team swimmers are asked to purchase their own fins.  Elsmore swim shop can direct you to the specific type of fins we would like swimmers in this group to have.

Registration Information

  • The registration for the Spring/Summer 2024 session of Pre-Team will open on Monday 4/1 at 9:00 am and remain open until Thursday 4/4 at 9:00 am or until the classes are full, at which time the registration will close so that we can organize classes and assign staffing.​

  • Please plan to register as close to the starting date and time as possible.  We have a limited number of spots for the pre-team groups.

  • The dates for the Spring - Summer 2024 session are:

    •  T 4/9, Th 4/11, Sat 4/13, T 4/16, Th 4/18, T 4/23, Th 4/25, Fri 4/26 FAST Friday meet opportunity, 

    • Th 5/2, T 5/7, Th 5/9, Sat 5/11, T 5/14, Th 5/16, Sat 5/18, T 5/21, Th 5/23, Sat 5/25, T 5/28, Th 5/30

    • Sat 6/1, T 6/4, Th 6/6, T 6/11, Th 6/13, T 6/18, Th 6/20, Sat 6/22, T 6/25, Sat 6/29

    • T 7/2, T 7/9, Th 7/11, Sat 7/13, T 7/16, Th 7/18, Sat 7/20, T 7/23

  • If you have any questions about either our Pre-Team programs please contact Coach Garland.

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