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All swimmers pay the full $150 registration fee. For families with multiple FAST swimmers, monthly fees receive a 15% discount for 2nd child and 30% discount for 3rd child. The 4th+ child will have no monthly fees.  The child in the highest level group pays full fee, the 2nd highest group is considered the 2nd child, the 3rd highest group is the 3rd child, and so on.

The registration fees are due with registration and you will be billed the 1st of each month for dues for nine payments (we do not collect payments June-Aug).     


** If you are intending to pay by check, please email the Business Manager.

Per USA Swimming’s Outreach program, FAST does provide financial assistance for those families that are part of the Free and Reduced Lunch program. To participate, FAST families will need to provide documentation of their participation. Please contact the Business Manager for details.


FAST Participation Terms and Conditions

Membership Communication:


As part of our FAST family, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your swimmer's lead coach, Head Coach Joe Keller, or our Business Manager. We're here to support you.


Financial Responsibilities:


By joining FAST, you agree to cover the reasonable fees associated with our program. These fees include, but are not limited to:


1. FAST Registration Fee:

An annual, non-refundable per swimmer fee covering facility fees, FAST team shirts, FAST team caps, team parties, participation awards, and miscellaneous items.


2. USA Swimming Registration Fee:

Membership for the year, secondary insurance, and a Splash magazine subscription.


3. Training Fees:

Monthly fees based on your swimmer's group level. Statements will be emailed monthly from September through May, due by the 15th. Failure to pay promptly may result in the swimmer being unable to participate in activities.


4. Meet Entry Fees:

Fees associated with each competition, including individual and relay events. These fees are assessed monthly and are due regardless of attendance. Ensure to review online entries and keep your account current.


5. Miscellaneous Fees and Charges:

Additional fees may arise throughout the year (swim caps, equipment, etc.). Regularly check your account and promptly notify the FAST Business Manager of any discrepancies.


Additional Considerations:


  • All swimmers must be "attached" to FAST from the first available day until departure.

  • Your registration and training fees cover your swimmer for the entire year. Late joiners will be billed for nine months from their starting date or until the start of the new season.

  • If discontinuing participation, notify the Business Manager in writing at least 30 days in advance. No refunds for dues or registration fees, and outstanding meet entry fees are payable upon termination.


Note: An exception to this annual obligation may be granted to swimmers in their first year contract with FAST.

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Membership Fees and Requirements

Please review the information below for all annual and monthly fees along with Club requirements.

FAST Family Event Support Requirements

At FAST, our commitment to excellence extends to the hosting of high-quality swim meets, drawing teams from across the Midwest. To ensure the success of these events, we rely on the support of our FAST families. The benefits are twofold: providing our athletes with top-tier competition and reducing training dues for FAST families while minimizing travel expenses.


Here are the key details regarding Family Event Support:


Participation Requirement:


  • Families with Tiger Cubs 1, Tiger Cubs 2, or Tiger Cubs 3 swimmers are asked to support 2 sessions for every FAST-hosted meet.

  • Families with swimmers in all other practice groups are required to support 3 sessions.


Note: This commitment applies regardless of whether your swimmer(s) are participating in the FAST-hosted meet.


Sign-Up Process:


  • Our Event Support Coordinator will send emails before each meet, announcing when sign-ups open. Please prioritize these emails for crucial details and support specifics.

  • Occasionally, the family event support requirement may be lowered for specific meets due to variables like the meet's length or the number of pools in use. If adjusted, families will be notified by the Event Support Coordinator.

"Hire a Sub" Option:

  • Families are strongly encouraged to fulfill their event support shifts.

  • Opting to "Hire a Sub" before the sign-up window closes incurs a $25 per session fee. After 3 hires per year (September - August), the cost increases to $50 per session.




  • Failure to sign up, hire a sub, or attend assigned event support shifts results in a financial penalty of $75 per session. This ensures adequate staffing, meets budget goals, and keeps dues low.

Special Circumstances:

  • If your athlete participates in a higher-level event conflicting with a FAST-hosted meet, the "Hire a Sub" fee is waived.

  • If the athlete swims in part (but not all) of the FAST-hosted meet, the event support obligation remains.


Uniform Requirements:


1. Team T-Shirt:

All FAST swimmers are required to wear the designated team t-shirt at competitions.


2. Swim Cap:

Swimmers choosing to wear a swim cap must use the designated team cap at competitions.


3. Team Suit:

All FAST swimmers must wear the required team suit.

Note: Swimmers also competing for the FHS Swimming and Diving team won't need a separate suit for high school-only competitions.


4. Championship Meets (Swimmers 13 and Older):

Swimmers in this age group are expected to purchase a technical TYR Championship Racing Suit.


Female athletes may wear a bikini top under the technical suit, ensuring it is covered by a TEAM T-shirt or TEAM Warm-Up at all times. The championship suit is optional.


Additional Recommendations:


  • FAST team members are encouraged to have a FAST warm-up or parka.


Purchasing Information:


  • All suits and equipment can be conveniently purchased through Elsmore Swim Shop (4705 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240).

  • When making purchases, please mention that you are a FAST Tiger to receive a substantial discount.

  • Your purchases from Elsmore Swim Shop contribute to our sponsorship agreement, so your support is crucial.

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