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Swim Lessons

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FAST Tiger Swim Lessons, led by Coach Garland Wilson and Coach Cat Sehr, offers swim lessons for children aged 4-14. Our instructors are certified in Starfish Aquatics swim and stroke school, many with years of competitive swimming experience. Lessons are in small groups, with levels 1-4 having 4 swimmers and 1 instructor, and levels 5 & 6 with up to 6 swimmers and 1 instructor. Sessions consist of 6, 7, or 8 30-minute lessons monthly. Check our website for specific dates, and registration typically opens the day after the current session ends, filling quickly. If you need an evaluation, contact Coach Garland Wilson. 

June 2024 classes will be on the following evenings:

M 6/3, W 6/5, M 6/10, W 6/12, M 6/17, W 6/19. M 6/24 & W 6/26

Registration for our June session will open Thursday 5/30 at 9:00 am and remain open until until Saturday 6/1 at 9:00 

Current Session Information

  • Swim lessons are offered typically on Monday and Wednesday evenings during 3 different time slots.  Slot #1 6:00-6:30pm, Slot #2 6:45-7:15pm or Slot #3 7:30-8:00pm. Occasionally there will be other nightly options based on other facility and programing needs.

  • The swim lessons sessions will be either 6, 7 or 8 class sessions (depending on the month's calendar).  Registration fees will reflect $15 / per class.  

  • Typically, the registration for an upcoming session will open the morning after the current session finishes so that our current swimmers will know which level to register for next.  Registration is usually open for 48 hours and then closes so that we can organize classes and assign staffing for the next session.

  • While registration is open there will be a link available above for online registration.

  • Classes do tend to fill quickly.  If you would like to register a swimmer, please plan to register as near to the opening date and time as possible.  If your child does get put on a waiting list, please email Coach Garland.  We will do everything possible to accommodate those on the waiting list.

  • At the conclusion of the registration period, you will receive an informational email regarding the upcoming session from Coach Garland via TeamUnify.  If you do not get this email, please let us know.

  • When registering we ask that parents use their best judgement to determine what level to place their child in after reading through the level description below.  If after reading the level description you are still unsure and would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact Coach Garland.

Level 1

I am a beginner. I cannot submerge underwater relaxed.


I will learn: relaxed submersion

Level 2

I can comfortably submerge in water and stay underwater for at least 3-5 seconds.


I will learn: how to float (front and back unassisted), beginner stroke (front and back unassisted), swim-roll-swim(swim on front as far as comfortable-roll to back to rest and breathe-roll back to front to continue swimming), treading water

Level 3

I can tread water for 10 seconds. I can jump in and roll onto my back to breathe for 3-5 seconds. I can swim-roll-swim for 10 m/30 ft.


I will learn: streamline (front and back), side breathing position with kick, side-roll-side (side glide for 6, roll to 11 and exhale, roll to other side glide), sitting dive

Level 4

I can side-roll-side with kick for 5 m/15 ft (with or without flotation). I can do a sitting dive. I have knowledge of freestyle, but am not proficient. I do not know backstroke or I am not proficient at backstroke.


I will learn: freestyle with high elbow recovery, fingertip entry, centerline pull, thumb touch. Backstroke with arms opposite, straight arm recovery, little finger entry, bent arm catch and pull. Flutter kick on front and back with slight knee bend, toes pointed, feet turned slightly in and focus on upbeat for power. Dives

Level 5

I can swim freestyle 25 m/yds with the following skills: high elbow recovery, fingertip entry, centerline pull, thumb touch, fast flutter kick near the surface, breathing with a roll to the side (NO HEAD LIFT!)


I can swim backstroke 25 m/yds with the following skills: arms opposite each other, straight arm recovery, little finger entry, bent arm catch and pull, fast flutter kick with knee under surface, head back in line with body with face out of water.

I will learn: elementary backstroke, sidestroke, freestyle and backstroke endurance, freestyle flip turns, racing dives

Level 6

I can do 25 m/yds of elementary backstroke and 25 m/yds of sidestroke. I can do 50 m/yds freestyle and 50 m/yds of backstroke (ALL WITH THE SAME TECHNIQUE AS LEVEL 5). I can put on a lifejacket in the water and kick on back. I can complete the safer swimmer award benchmark (ask permission, jump/roll in, resurface and tread for 1 minute then swim 50 m/yds free or back). I have worked on freestyle flip turns, racing dives and freestyle/backstroke endurance.

I will learn: breaststroke, butterfly, open turns, backstroke flip turns, endurance up to 100 m/yds

Future Session Information


Registration Thursday 5/30 9:00 am – Saturday 6/1 9:00 am *or until classes are full*

8 class session, 6:00-6:30 / 6:45-7:15 / 7:30-8:00 pm time slots available.

Registration fee: $120

Class dates: M 6/3, W 6/5, M 6/10, W 6/12, M 6/17, W 6/19, M 6/24, W 6/26


Registration Thursday 6/27 9:00 am – Saturday 6/29 9:00 am *or until classes are full*

6 class session, 6:00-6:30 / 6:45-7:15 / 7:30-8:00 pm time slots available.

Registration fee: $90

Class dates: M 7/8, W 7/10, M 7/15, W 7/17, M 7/22, W 7/24

*Note, classes will begin after the 4th of July holiday week*


Registration Monday 7/1 9:00 am – Wednesday 7/3 9:00 am *or until classes are full*

6 class session, 8:30-9:00 / 9:15-9:45 / 10:00-10:30 am time slots available.

Registration fee: $90

Class dates: T 7/9, Th 7/11, T 7/16, Th 7/18, T 7/23, Th 7/25

*Note … if you are interested in participating in BOTH the July pm and am sessions you are welcome to do so!  Swimming 4 x per week for 3 weeks is sure to see some amazing progress!*

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