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FAST Board of Directors

The Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (FAST) is guided by a dynamic and dedicated Board of Directors, comprised of individuals passionate about fostering excellence in aquatic sports. Our Board plays a pivotal role in steering the strategic direction of the swim club, ensuring its continued growth, and fostering an environment that nurtures the development of young athletes. Committed to transparency, accountability, and the overall success of the organization, our Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared vision for empowering swimmers both in and out of the pool. Get to know the leaders driving the success of FAST and shaping the future of aquatic sports in the Fishers community.

Tyler Wolf


Tyler Wolf has been on the board since 2021. He has two daughters that swim for FAST and is also very active with FAST's Officials.


"I'm always impressed by the effort that the coaches and swimmer put into this sport. It is a year-long sport that has so many ups and downs. It is so easy to get stuck in one of the valleys, but when you look at the progress made over the course of a season it is really amazing. It is truly a testament to the effort that is put in day after day by the whole club".

Stacey Harvey

Vice President

Stacey Harvey has been on the board since 2019. Her two sons swim for FAST, she is active with the FAST officials and helps to oversee the social committee.


“I love to see the development of the kids over time. Some seasons it’s big leaps and others it’s more of a steady progress, but their swimming, personality and coming into who they are as people is great to witness.”

Pete McEwen


Pete McEwen has been on the board since 2019. His son was a member of FAST from 2017 through 2020 and his daughter is currently active on the Fishers High School girls swim team and high school prep group.


"I am impressed with the level of coaching and care given for every FAST athlete - from the most skilled to the beginner - everyone receives the best our coaches have to offer; creating a world-class program."

Matt Davis


Matthew Davis has been on the board since 2023.  He has 2 sons that swim for FAST. Matt has also taken the lead in enhancing our marketing and sponsorship efforts.


“The reason I wanted to join the board is to elevate the experiences of our FAST athletes and families, and as a club work to continuously improve like our athletes do in the pool each and every day”.

Michael Schumacher

At Large Member

Michael Schumacher has held the position of Board of Directors Member At Large since 2022. He brings a wealth of experience and dedication to all the FAST hosted meets. His passion for swimming has been passed along to his daughter Emma Schumacher, who is making waves on the FAST National Team.

Michaels is the engine behind FAST's smooth operating swim meets, ensuring every event runs like clockwork. His tireless efforts extend to working closely with all the parent volunteers and officials. He knows firsthand the value of parent volunteers, whose support transforms ordinary meets into extraordinary experiences for the swimmers. Michael's grateful for their contributions and knows without them FAST's meets simply wouldn't be as splash-tacular without them.

Noel Perkins

At Large Member

Noël Perkins has served on the board since 2023.  She has two daughters that swim for FAST, serves as a FAST Official, and is also a member of the FAST Masters program.  


“Our FAST swim team is truly exceptional, offering opportunities for swimmers of all ages and levels.  I have seen it firsthand with my own daughters starting with swim lessons, progressing to the pre-team, and now thriving as members of the swim team.  As an active participant in the masters team, I understand the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive community within our swim team.  FAST provides options for each member of your family, regardless of age or skill level.”

Heather Lee

Safe Sport Coordinator

Heather Lee has been the FAST SafeSport Coordinator since 2018. Three of her children, two boys and one girl swim for FAST. The Lee family has been part of the FAST swim club since 2014. Heather co-leads the Event Support Check-in position and is an active member of the Social Committee.


"One thing about championship teams is that they are resilient. No matter what is thrown at them, no matter how deep the hole, they find a way to bounce back and overcome adversity." -Nick Saban.


Our Tiger athletes are mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. FAST strives to develop great athletes and leaders. 

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