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Tamisa Lush

Tiger Cubs 2

Coach Tamisa is embarking on her fourth year as a member of the FAST coaching staff. She has a rich background in competitive swimming, sharing the pool experience with her two brothers. As a proud member of the Yorktown Tigers high school team, she also engaged in year-round swimming with the YMCA and Nassau summer club, initiating her aquatic journey at the early age of 5!

Tamisa, a retired Carmel Clay teacher, brings extensive coaching expertise from her longstanding tenure with the Carmel Swim Club coaching staff. During her two-decade career at Carmel, she worked across multiple levels, spanning from developmental to assisting with the high school/senior program. Her dedication bore fruit as her swimmers achieved numerous accolades, including age group high point honors, National Top 16 rankings, and Indiana high school championships.

Following a coaching hiatus, Tamisa returned to the Fishers' pool, contributing her skills to the age group program. Beyond the water, she relishes moments spent with her husband (Russ), son (Brett), and various family pets. Whether on a boat, golf course, or enjoying time with friends, you'll often find her embracing the outdoors.

Tamisa Lush
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